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Learnweb is a collaborative search and sharing system which brings together different online services such as YouTube, Flickr, Bing, Vimeo and SlideShare under one umbrella. It also provides advanced features for organizing and sharing distributed resources with a group of people.


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This environment isn't dedicated to a specific course. Anybody can create an account in order to use the platform to search for educational resources on the Web and share them with others.
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YELL/TELL is a lifelong teacher education project that brings together trainees, teachers, trainers and experts from different schools and backgrounds (nursery, primary, lower-secondary and higher secondary teachers, teacher trainers, university lecturers and computer developers). The overall aim is to promote collaborative peer-learning and peer-teaching, as well as professional improvement for teachers of English as a foreign language across school levels.
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Social Media and Climate Change: Usage, Literacies and Interventions from the Perspective of Science Education

Im Projekt SoMeCliCs wird anhand des exemplarischen Kontextes Klimawandel untersucht, wie soziale Medien den gesellschaftlichen Diskurs z.B. aufgrund von Fake News oder Echokammern beeinflussen. Zudem werden grundlegende Fähigkeiten in der Nutzung sozialer Medien erforscht und empirisch untersucht, wie diese Fähigkeiten in der formalen Bildung gefördert werden können. Eingesetzt werden dabei moderne digitale Methoden, die ökologisch valide Untersuchung der relevanten Verhaltensweisen in sozialen Medien ermöglichen. Im Rahmen des Projekts wird eine wissenschaftliche Tagung organisiert und ein Sammelband publiziert.

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